OpenXenium Listings

OpenXenium Mod Chipsspi2par2019OLED OpenXenium KitsOther Resources
James Bolding (KingLuxor) eBay Listing
Gregory James eBay Listing
Chimeric Systems Chimeric Systems Listing Gregory James eBay Listing with LCD Kit
Gregory James eBay Listing without LCD
There are many wonderful resources for the Original XBox around the internet.

Original XBox on Reddit
Original XBox Homebrew Discord
Watch Ryzee119 build an OpenXenium
MrMario2011 installs an OpenXenium

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The listings on this page have been verified to follow the license(s) under which these projects were created.
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These sellers may also donate a portion of profits back to the project creator, but further more, these
sellers use profits to continue contributing to the XBox community with new projects and advancements
for all to enjoy.

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I encourage you to add this information to your listing if you have not already done so.
Without the kindness, and open source projects you would not be able to produce and sell.
Please do not take that same oppurtunity away from others.

Keep in mind that not everyone who wants to build these projects will be looking to sell.
Some folks just want the reward of building it on their own. However, even if someone
is looking to start selling, they have that right, the same as you, or anyone else
producing this product. This is the nature of open source projects, please help
us to protect that by following all license requirements for these projects.

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